Professional custom vinyl wrap design and installation in Greater Toronto, Hamilton, Waterloo, Barrie and beyond!

We’re known for our storefront wrapswall murals and car wraps. But did you know, we can wrap almost anything? It can be as small as a pen, or as obscure as a vintage submarine. Whatever you want customized – regardless of surface or size – it can probably be wrapped in a professional-quality, custom vinyl wrap.

We don’t just do designs, or installations, separately. We’re a one-stop-shop for all things ‘vinyl wrap’ in Greater Toronto, Hamilton, Waterloo, Barrie and many other Canadian cities.

We use specially-trained graphic print designers who know how vinyl wraps ‘work’ in real-life applications. Then, in coordination with our team, we seamlessly send your made-to-order, custom wrap design to certified installers of 3M and Avery printed vinyl. Whether at our shop, or on-site at your location, we can do the job with less headache, and fewer steps for you.

Better yet – there’s hardly a situation when we’ll need to say ‘no’ to your job! Professional vinyl wrapping can improve your space in ways you may not have imagined yet. We’ll give you a few ideas below.

All our custom vinyl wrap materials are easily removed, too. But, make no mistake – being removable doesn’t make them low quality. That’s a myth! We only use high-quality, professional adhesive materials, which are made to withstand wear-and-tear, including from weather, for up to 9 years.

Heard enough and want to hire us for your project? We’re itching to hear from you!

Love stickers as much as we do? We’ve got some juicy ideas for your next vinyl wrapping project!

Why stop at cars, doors and floors?

Below are common ‘other’ objects we can wrap.

But, like we’ve explained above, we can do more. If you have an idea not listed on this page, or anywhere on our site, please do give us a call – we’re definitely up for the challenge!

Our experience working with many 3-dimensional objects over the years has given us an edge that most graphic design agencies may not know about. When it comes to calculating the edges, ridges, grains and surfaces of anything, we’ve totally ‘got’ you.

Here’s what we’re especially good at:

Reception desk wraps and retail cashier desk wraps

Customize your reception desk or pay station desk with a unique, changeable decal. These are made-to-fit on movable or stationary furniture of any size.

Add your logo or brand assets, a scenic photograph or hey, opt for faux marble, brick or metallic finishes to ‘deck up’ your decor on a budget.

If you’ve moved into an office or retail space with existing furniture that you don’t like, custom vinyl wraps are a cost-effective way to refurbish old veneer, laminate, wood or other surface materials.

Plus, these decals can be removed easily (with our uninstallation services). That makes them perfect for a pop-up shop, and seasonal, promotional displays. Or, when the latest Pinterest trend suits your fancy!

For home desks, you’ll often see crafty YouTubers use Con-Tact adhesive of some sort to create a DIY marble or metallic effect. This is great for shelving and flat objects you plan to ‘set and forget.’ But, consumer-grade adhesive PVC paper won’t last nearly as long, or come with as much ‘stick’ as what we offer. Ours will stay in-tact for up to 9 years, resist fading and won’t peel or scratch as easily. They require professionally-trained installers, too. You can’t buy them on the consumer market.

That said, if you have a desk (or other object) at home that you want us to wrap, we’re all in! We can give you that ‘designer-ey’ feel to up-cycle second-hand or aging furniture.

Door wraps

Whether it’s a push-and-pull door, a revolving door, a garage door or a sliding door, we can wrap it! It can be made of glass, wood, metal or something else. It might be inside or outside. Either way, our professional vinyl decals can stick to most doors – and handle the wear-and-tear of opening and closing several times a day. You won’t see peeling or fading, not even from bad weather or sun rays (for up to 9 years). They’re dog-lick and kid-resistant too, ha!

This solution is great for professional glass decals on doors. For example, we can do custom lettering to display opening times and contact information on a door. But a vinyl decal door design can also identify a major promotion, or fit in with your window display. We can cover as little or as much as you want with door decals.

We can also cut out shapes and measure-to-fit for your door (especially around door handles and hinges). Plus, door wraps can be printed on semi-transparent, colour-tinted, frosted, perforated, or solid vinyl. There are hardly any limits on material opacity, gloss or matte finishes. They can serve as simple privacy screens, too.

Elevator wraps to decorate sliding doors with vinyl decals

Similar to door wraps, we can also wrap elevator doors. Imagine the fun designs you can make with doors that slide out, then meet in the middle. It’ll be almost like a real-life animation show, while keeping your screen time in check! Grab some popcorn and watch elevator wraps on repeat – we ain’t judgin’!

We can get dogs to kiss, open and close a book, bring heart-halves together or form complete sentences with the click of a button (get it?).

But if you’re into the classy styles, we can also design scenic landscapes, graphic artwork, geometric patterns (like morrocan lattice designs), or simply change the colour of your doors with a solid matt, gloss or metallic finish. We can even impress people with faux wood, which won’t even look like there’s an elevator behind those doors! Or, hey, what about your crest or emblem in a shiny gold cut-out?

The possibilities are only limited by the measurements of your doors.

ATM machine wraps

Mo’ money doesn’t have to mean mo’ problems! Turn your money-magic-machine into a branded work of art. Your  generic-looking, hunk-of-a-computer will remind your customers who they are ‘dealing’ with. That is: a spiffy financial company who takes the time to dress their ATMs in style!

Seriously though, ATM vinyl wraps can be used for messaging (like phone numbers in case of issues when no one is there), or instructions on how to use the machine. We can even decal an ATM with signage like “no money on premises” or “monitored by security” to deter thefts.

Of course, we can add your bank or company logo to any ATM machine wrap, too. No need to ask!

Transformer box wraps (electrical box wraps)

Giant city-installed electrical boxes are necessary for supplying electricity to residents in a neighbourhood. They’re also known as transformer boxes, distribution boxes, breaker panels and other names. But – useful as they are – they can be unsightly, too.

Some communities may try to plant trees around electrical boxes. That becomes hard to do when they’re surrounded by cement. Plus, they need to be accessed by civil engineers on occasion, and ‘going green’ in this case won’t help.

So, we have another idea for ya – how about an electrical box wrap? Yes, you heard that right – we can custom-fit professional, weather-proof vinyl decals for electrical boxes. They’ll go from shab to chic. They might get so famous, people will be staring at them from Google Image searches!

Design options for transformer box wraps can be purely for safety (e.g. we can make them bright red or yellow, and include warning labels). Or, they can represent your community’s faces, historical photos, local artwork, optical illusions, poetry lettering, and so on. If you want to be subtle, they can simply blend in to their environment with colour schemes, faux exterior wall finishes, and even solid colours to replace a paint job, if that’s what you want.

Bus stop shelter wraps

Bus stops are prime spots for advertising posters. But on their other walls, we can add semi-transparent or frosted vinyl wraps, with any print you like. This can give them a ‘tinted window’ or ‘etched glass’ look, which is easy to replace. Use them for more advertising, or to decorate your city. We can also add opaque or transparent window screens that help to redirect the sun’s rays in the summertime.

With or without shelters, we can wrap metal sign posts at bus stops, too.

Clothing bank wraps

Sharing is caring. When you want people to show that they care, nothing helps more than making it easy for them to do so. When you put out a plain donation box, people may not know what it’s for. They may put garbage in it instead. Woops!

You can fix that problem, and draw attention to your charity with a custom vinyl wrap for your clothing box donation bin. It’ll withstand weather, peeling and scratching. Even better, decals on clothing banks can educate donors on the action they’re taking by donating their stuff. We can add your contact information, too, so people know how to get in touch.

These large boxes attract clothing and book donations in shopping centre parking lots, school grounds, community centres and even outside vintage stores. They collect items securely when no one is around. You know the ones we’re talking about. Let’s decorate them, for a cause!

Let your imagination run wild with professional custom vinyl wraps – we can make a custom decal for almost anything!

Above we’ve listed just some of what we can wrap with vinyl. We haven’t even touched on the cool graphics can add to people’s lives, like:

  • Vending machine wraps
  • Freezer and fridge wraps
  • Espresso machine wraps
  • Popcorn machine wraps
  • Bar cart wraps
  • Bar counter wraps
  • Tablet and computer wraps
  • Tabletop wraps
  • Tools and equipment wraps
  • Skateboard and snowboard wraps
  • Scooter and bike wraps
  • Bat and hockey stick wraps
  • Helmet wraps
  • Audio speaker wraps
  • Stage wraps
  • Dance floor wraps
  • Indoor column wraps (or wraps on other structural architecture features)
  • Stair wraps
  • Balcony wraps
  • Garbage bin wraps
  • Ice rink or stadium barrier wraps
  • Bench wraps (indoor or outdoor)
  • Cabinet wraps
  • Treadmill wraps

And so much more. If you ask us to, we’d even wrap a spaceship for you! Or a phone, a baton, a skate blade… you pick the object, and we’ll wrap or decal it – the professional way!

For more ideas on custom vinyl wrapping services in the Toronto area, see our other pages about:

  • Wall murals (including brick wraps and indoor window glass decals).
  • Storefront display vinyl wraps for windows and exterior walls.
  • Car wraps and truck wraps, including motorcycle wraps, golf cart wraps, boat wraps, helicopter and plane wraps, tractor and equipment wraps and more.

We also do:

  • Promotional banners and signs
  • 3D graphic lettering

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