What is the best Car Wrap Advertising or vinyl wrap to advertise on your car, or change your vehicle color? Our Hamilton & Toronto car wrap specialist explains it all!

Hamilton and Toronto car wrap advertising and decals can help advertise your business all over the city! They can also be a great alternative to a new car paint job, or protective sealant. Learn what type of material is best for your car wrap:

Vinyl car wrap

With a vinyl wrap, you can achieve anything from a complete, solid color-change to an eye-catching, graphically stunning, vehicle-sized advertisement. A car wrap is a light-weight, economical alternative to paint and is printed on vinyl material with an adhesive back. The adhesive surface contains air egress channels, which allow air bubbles to be immediately smoothed out from between the car’s surface and the vinyl wrap. The vinyl car wrap material can cover the entire surface of the vehicle, even bumpers and complex curves.

With proper installation, a vinyl wrap leaves your vehicle with a fresh, silky, painted look. Unlike a paint job, however, a vinyl car wrap can be removed with no more effort than it took to install. The vinyl wrap actually preserves the original paint of the car by protecting it from the elements, thus preserving the vehicle’s resale value, while advertising your business or communicating your personality.

Vinyl car wraps can include black vinyl wrap, or camouflage vehicle wraps for hunting vehicles and trend setters. They go on motorcycle wraps, pick-up trucks, trailers, boats and almost anything you can imagine.

Carbon fiber vinyl car wrap

A carbon fiber vinyl wrap has a 3D, textured appearance, perfect for someone seeking a stylish or dramatic look for their vehicle. The embossed, textured finish of the carbon fiber wrap will give your vehicle character you can feel.

Chrome vinyl car wrap

A chrome vinyl wrap also suits the person who wants to stand out from the crowd. Its reflective sheen gives the illusion of a clear top coat. Unlike the more rugged feel of the carbon fiber wrap, a chrome vinyl wrap makes your vehicle shine like a star and puts all eyes on you.

Matte vinyl car wrap

For the person who prefers a more stealth approach to the unique, the matte vinyl wrap provides a non-glossy approach to the dramatic. The matte vinyl wrap will draw double-takes from bystanders and drivers alike as they look again to discover what made that car so intriguing.

Take any car wrap design, and make it matte – it’s possible!

Magnetic car signs

While not as big of a statement as a full car wrap, car magnets are another way to turn your vehicle into a mobile advertisement for your business. Since they are removable and reusable, they are ideal if you frequently switch vehicles. Car magnet designs are completely customizable, just like car wraps. They can live on car doors and the rears of larger vehicles.

Car window graphics and decals

Car window decals or graphics are another great way to advertise effectively using your vehicle. They increase visibility and create customer awareness for your brand. Car window decals can also be used by individuals to remember lost loved ones, or to cheer a favorite sports team.

Vehicle lettering

Custom vinyl vehicle lettering gets your message across in a classic and professional style, just about anywhere on your vehicle. You can use vehicle lettering to advertise your business’s name, slogan, website, and contact information. Or, simply to give your vehicle an official name.

Car stickers

Car stickers can go anywhere on your vehicle. They provide a smaller, but noticeable advertisement for your business, or a unique tribute to your interests.

Car roof signs

Car signs go where your car goes to increase visibility and customer awareness for your brand. They can be removed and reused, which makes them ideal if you frequently switch vehicles. Pizzerias and restaurant delivery services often use these for part-time workers using their own vehicles to service customers.

Custom bumper stickers

Whether you are looking to wrap your entire bumper, or just want a custom-made bumper sticker, our graphic designers are up for the challenge. Our high quality printing presses can digitally print your bumper sticker in a flash.

Custom Car Wrap Advertising in Greater Toronto & Vancouver

Do you want to reach new customers, and remind existing customers that you’re amazing?

Car wrap advertising in Greater Toronto and Vancouver is a powerful and cost effective way to generate, potentially, millions of impressions each year. What better way to advertise on-the-go, than a moving billboard!

Our local car wrap company is passionate about bringing your vehicle advertising to life. Our vehicle graphic designers are specially trained to design on a car’s multi-curved, and odd-shaped surface.

Looking for something special and unique? The sky’s the limit in regards to design features we can include (almost!). Photos, lettering, and specific sheens or colour tones are all possible.

This ain’t just any kind of graphic design service!

3D designs are one of the hardest types of graphic design to do. Trained, 3D designers think backwards before getting involved in the creative process. They ask questions like:

  • How will the rear match the sides in a continuous ‘flow’?
  • Will the text be readable in any given area of the car wrap?
  • Will the car advertisement’s imagery or letters look skewed if they are designed for a flat surface? Are there any ‘optical illusions’ to account for?
  • Will the messaging be clear if someone is just driving by? Or would the customer have to get up close to see the advertisement details? How practical is this car wrap design?
  • What will colors look like on the vinyl material they will be printed on? Sure it looks great on a computer screen, but what about in real life? And from close or far away?
  • What materials are available for the car type we are designing for? Will that change the design process? What is the likelihood of damage to the original paint with the material we use?
  • Where do the print bleeder lines need to start and end, so we don’t end up with unintentional cutt-offs, or misalignments, in the design?
  • Are there any legal requirements or limitations for frosted or tinted car window decals?
  • Are there parts of the car brand that the client wants to keep exposed?
  • What type of weather will the car be driving in? Will that change the type of vinyl material we work with?

Plus, every single car model, with its curves and shapes, has to be individually accounted for. The files produced for a car door on a Honda may not be the same for the car door on a BMW. So, if vehicle fleet advertising is being planned, that has to be accounted for. We have special software to provide surface-area measurements and geometry specs for many, many vehicles on the market today.

These are just a few examples of what is involved in the vehicle wrap creative process, both when creating a full or partial car wrap.

Plus, during proofing stages, 3M preferred installers are brought into the mix. We do this before the car wrap advertisement is adhered to the vehicle. These highly-trained, qualified vinyl wrap installers will recommend the best material to produce the intended result of the advertisement decal.

On that note, we use multiple experts in the process of creating a car wrap. That includes the trained, 3D graphic designer, the pre-press file prepper (a member of the team who prepares files for print, with appropriate bleed or cut files), industry printers and certified vinyl wrap installers.

Through our multi-step process, we ensure we’re bringing your moving billboard to life with the highest standards available.

Whatever your budget, we have car wrap options for you – available across Canada!

Not all vehicle wraps are the same. Some can cover only a part of the car’s surface – whether for style, or to meet budget constraints. Others can completely cover a car, for a totally new visual effect that will have heads turning all over town! And still, others can be made for windows, or they can be as simple as side-door car magnets.

Below are just some of the popular options you can pick from. But, we’d encourage you to get in touch if you have a different idea. It’s very possible we can bring your vehicle wrap visions to fruition!

Ready to get started? Send us your vehicle make, model and year, and we’ll let you know your options! Does it float on water or fly in the air? We can do boat wraps and aircraft wraps too!

Your budget never changes the professionalism of our work! We always aim to provide the best vinyl car wraps in Toronto and Vancouver – for big jobs or small ones!

When you work with us, we never skimp on the quality of our materials. You can expect high performance, 3M cast vinyl or Avery vinyl to cover your vehicle. This allows the wrap to be easily removed, and won’t leave any residue, let alone paint imperfections (actually, these materials are commonly used to protect car paint jobs). The materials are also weather resistant, and made to last up to 9 years, without fading or peeling.

Your wrap will be installed by a 3M preferred installer. Our certified installers provide a clean, bubble and crease free installation. And yes, we’ll make sure the design lines up, where we have to cut files for car door or window openings!

If this sounds like a logical thing to expect, you’re right! But, you should know that there are counterfeits out there.! The wrong vinyl, or an inexperienced installer, can mean early failures for your car wrap – no matter how beautifully designed it is. That quickly turns into a complete waste of money, and a bad image for your business. That’s why we only use the best vinyl car wrap materials, and installers, available.

Full Vehicle Camo Wrap

Order your custom camouflage wrap today. This vinyl wrap covers your entire vehicle, including each side panel, hood, rear and window, using perforated window film. Your roof wrap can also be included.

Don’t want a gloss finish? No problem, you have the choice of gloss lamination or matte lamination. This will be your ultimate hunting vehicle.

Let us be your next camouflage vehicle wrap provider.

We offer free shipping all over North America.

Top 5 Tips for Successful & Effective Car Wrap Advertising

Vinyl vehicle wrapping is a highly effective medium for advertising. Think about it, people sat in traffic will end up seeing your logo simply by default. And having your vehicle travelling across town or the country is a great way to maximize brand exposure for the price of a tank of gas…

So if you’re thinking of getting vehicle wrap for your van or fleet of vehicles, check out these suggestions for the most effective vehicle wrap.

Keep It Simple

Less is more when it comes to vehicle wrap, so keep the details simple. If your van is whizzing along, you won’t get to read all the details on the side… But an eye-catching logo or web address with a simple slogan or phone number can have a lasting impact in the memory.

A good graphic design service will be able to suggest the best ways to display the text, the font size and colors so discuss your options with them.

Keep It Legible

Do you use crazy graffiti fonts, or different sizes of text? Once again, keeping your message clear as well as simple is the best way to reach and audience and create a lasting impression. Big bold lettering on simple color backgrounds is best.

Think about supermarket delivery trucks, or big haulier companies. They usually have their brand logo, a slogan, an eye catching graphic and a contact option (usually a web URL). Four super simple aspects that will register in the mind as that truck passes an office block or sits in traffic on the 401.

Remember: less is more!

Consistent Branding

Keeping the same font and coloring across your brand identity is a crucial aspect in brand recognition. If you see a Whole Foods delivery van, the font and coloring is the same as the website and you’ll know, almost without looking, that the van is carrying Whole Foods products.

If you change your font and logo then be sure to change it across the board…

Attention Grabbing

With all these aspects in mind, you’ll also need to grab the attention of your target market. This will need to be with a simple and legible aspect such as a quality image or a catchy slogan. Once again this should also be consistent with your branding, so normally taking a big image from your website or current marketing campaign will be sufficient.

Consider your use of color, what kind of image you want to associate with your company and whose attention you are trying to grab.

Professional Graphic Design

Considering all of these points, using a quality graphic design company to produce a simple and eye catching vehicle vinyl wrap is the best approach. They will take into consideration the type of vehicle (or vehicles) and optimize the visibility of your brand. Double check your design before it is applied to any vehicle (you can always see a digital mock up) to ensure it fits the brief before you go live.

How to Find the Best Car Wrap Advertising and Vinyl Wrapping Service in Hamilton, Ontario

If you’re looking for a cost effective advertising solution for your business, vinyl wrapping for your car or van is a great choice. Your advertising is exposed to hundreds or thousands of people each day, especially if your vehicle is frequently in traffic visiting clients.

If you’re looking for the best vinyl wrap or decals for your vehicle in Hamilton, Ontario, this is why choosing Graphic In Traffic is the best option.

We’ve Got Experience

We’ve been doing vinyl wrapping and graphic design for over ten years, so we know a thing or two about making your business stand out. If you’re thinking about applying vinyl wrap or decals to your car yourself, why not leave it to the people who know how.

Our experience means we don’t just know how to apply your vinyl wrap perfectly. We also know what works best in terms of fonts, texts and images and we can offer our expertise to ensure you get the best possible service.

We’re Trusted

Sure, we can tell you how great we are, but don’t just take our word for it… We’ve got thousands of satisfied customers over the years and we take our professional reputation seriously. Take a look at our feedback on our Facebook page or read our testimonials.

We Offer the Whole Package

As part of our service we can offer the complete professional graphic design service through to installation of your vinyl wrap, professional banners or decals. We work closely with our clients to ensure we offer the optimum service for maximum satisfaction. From conception to inception, let us know what you’re looking for and we will make sure you’re satisfied with the end result.

Local Company, Nationwide Service

Our main office is based in Hamilton, Ontario (a stones throw from the hustle bustle of Toronto), but we have offices in British Columbia and Alberta. We’re happy working with everyone from local individuals to nationwide companies, offering the best service where ever you are in Canada.

Pros & Cons of Rear Vinyl Wrapping

Looking for a cost effective advertising medium? Need to get your brand seen locally and maybe even nationally? Rear vinyl wrapping is a great way to get your message out there, often to a captive audience and to a broad demographic, i.e; drivers. There are pros and cons to using rear vinyl wrapping instead of coating the entire vehicle.

Work vehicles will normally have vinyl wrapping or decals with a company name or brand pasted across them, but rear vinyl wrapping is a more discreet option. Your advertisement would be placed on the back of a vehicle (rather than all across it) meaning that the text is only visible to people directly behind you.

Pro – Visibility
If you’re out and about on a daily basis you can reach thousands of potential customers, simply by being seen. For the outlay of one rear vinyl wrapping for your car or van, you could have advertising for the life of the vehicle or as long as you keep the vinyl wrap applied. Rear vinyl wrapping is also slightly less conspicuous than having your logo splashed across the side of a vehicle, ideal for keeping your message simple.

Con – Visibility
Once the vinyl wrap is applied your advertising is always on. If you’re using the same vehicle for business and personal use it’s worth bearing this in mind as everything you do will reflect on your business. The way you park, your style of driving, using the vehicle for other purposes or even how clean you keep it will all reflect on the brand in whichever way your vehicle is used.

Pro – Cost Effective
If you’re looking to have a lasting advertisement for your business, rear vinyl wrapping is a great choice. Weatherproof and hard wearing, even in harsh Canadian winters, you can be assured that your message will be out there being seen for the life of the vehicle. Vinyl wrap has a product life of up to 5 years but treated properly it can last indefinitely.

Con – Changing
Changing your vinyl wrapping isn’t difficult or too expensive, but if you need to change your advertising regularly then it could add up. If you have multiple product launches or events, for example, changing your vinyl wrapping regularly might not be the best solution for you. The best bet is to get a simple message which won’t need changing regularly – your brand and a slogan with contact details should suffice.

Pro – Versatile
Whatever you’re looking for you can get it applied to a vinyl wrap. We always suggest keeping your design simple but being creative with the design can reap benefits itself. Eye catching detail, bright colors or a fun icon can turn heads for the right reasons and leave a lasting impression.

Con – Paint Damage
Actually, this one isn’t true. Properly applied vinyl wrapping will not damage the paint work. In fact, once removed properly after a few years you’ll find the paint work in the same condition as when it went on, with no marks or blemishes.

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