Take your storefront from window to ‘wow’! We specialize in professional, custom storefront window decals for businesses in Greater Toronto, Hamilton, Waterloo, Barrie and beyond!

Print’s not dead, and neither are brick and mortar businesses. There’s a special ‘touch’ to the physical side of commercialism – when a customer can walk into a business and feel its products and services through the storefront window decals.

But it’s not just that; physical branding opportunities help customers experience its values. We believe they ‘immerse’ consumers into its ideals. If not that, storefront displays certainly show that a company cared enough to go ‘all the way’ with its message.

When you need to stand out on the street, nothing does it better than a storefront window display in Toronto, Hamilton, Waterloo, Barrie or any other city in Canada.

Sure, you can get a custom awning, or a neon sign. We make those too. But window displays offer something a sign just can’t do; we call it, ‘see-through privacy.’

In addition to being eye-catching, vinyl window decals can hide the interior of your retail space.

If you want full vision, window decals can also be partially transparent. Or, they can imitate expensive, permanent glass etching or staining.

Best of all, they can be changed easily, and frequently, too.

Have we got your “decal-tension”? (We love slap ‘stick’ puns, by the way – get it?)

If so, let’s take a wide-eyed look at the custom window decals we can set up for you, based out of our Kitchener, Waterloo office and Hamilton, Ontario office.

Keep in mind, these window decal designs can be as small or as large as you like; from basic cut-out lettering for store hours, to completely covered glass that blends into wall murals. They can also be textured, gloss or matte and come in any colour… the options are almost endless.

Here goes:

Opaque vinyl window decals with custom advertising displays

As the label says, this vinyl storefront option is completely opaque. Meaning: you can’t see through it. If you want ultimate privacy, or you want to reduce light (and thus, heat) coming into your commercial space, this is the choice for you (but see our advanced transparent options below, too).

Opaque vinyl is installed on the ‘outside’ of windows. This allows light to reflect off the material, to create a bright, attractive advertisement (or a plain, monotone ‘cover-up job,’ if you want it that way).

If you’re worried that inside viewers will see backwards advertisements through your window, don’t be; the opaque is solid on one side (the interior).

Customized, perforated vinyl for one-way, see-through window graphics 

Perforated vinyl for storefront window graphics allow one-way visibility through a transparent object. When it comes to custom installations, this means the advertising portion is shown on one side (the outside), while the inside of the store window appears transparent. Interior-side viewers can see straight through the window, without seeing the ad.

This material is a lot like those decals on wrapped cars that seem to block driver visibility, but don’t. The difference is, they’re way bigger – they’re meant for storefront displays.

The ‘hat trick’ with perforated vinyl is this: tiny holes are spread throughout the entire sheet of adhesive film. Plus a few other ‘magic secrets,’ rooted in physics.

So, if you love spy movies and cop shows, and want to pretend you’re running a covert operation, you’ll love perforated vinyl. Just kidding!

Seriously though, perforated vinyl is the perfect option for cases when you want to allow light to come in through your window, but don’t want to sacrifice the advertising opportunity that comes with having street-visible windows. It sure beats putting up a puny sign, too!

Transparent vinyl, etched vinyl, tinted vinyl and combination vinyl designs for storefront window decals

When we talk about “transparent vinyl” for your Toronto storefront design, we’re talking about two-way visibility. But, that doesn’t mean we add a transparent sticker to your entire window. That would be pointless! Instead, it means one of two things:

  1. Part of your large window decal will be opaque, and part of it will be transparent. This allows for variation in design, and a ‘combination’ approach to storefront window signage.
  2. All, or part of the window decal will be ‘blurry,’ like etched (frosted) glass, or tinted with colour. This technique is super chique for professional office environments (think banks, law offices, and the like).

Transparent window film technology has come a long way over the years. We can now make long-lasting window decals look like permanent stain, etching or paint. Viewers can hardly tell that your glass designs are removal, adhesive stickers that can change from time to time.

Climate-controlling, light-enhancing and UV-protective window film to protect your office or store interior

This material might sound like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s not; 3M’s advanced window films can now:

  • Filter UV rays
  • Control indoor temperatures
  • Extend the interior reach of sunlight
  • Help you see through windows better at night

And more.

They can be an alternative to double-paned glass, in some instances, too.

Best of all, they perform without affecting visibility through your windows.

You may want to use these high-tech materials as part of your custom-designed window ads. If not, they can be applied as transparent window films by our team of certified, 3M installers in the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto, Hamilton, Waterloo, Barrie and surrounding cities.

How to choose the best Toronto storefront window decals design and installation service

Ok, ok, we’re bragging a bit. But we really think we do things a lot differently than most providers of storefront window designs in Ontario.

You see, often times, the industry is divided into separate providers for graphic design, material selection and purchasing, printing, installing and so on. But that’s a huge headache for someone who doesn’t live and breathe’ commercial decals all day, every day.

Plus, there are a lot of mistakes that can be made in this field, for first-time decal-makers. This job is not like designing for web or print material. Window murals must account for physical, 3D dimensions, obstructions and cut off points at the installation site. ‘Test runs’ are not an option! Measuring correctly is crucial!

Windows decals in particular, also need to consider fade and weather resistance, as well as visibility requirements (to meet zoning laws or mere preferences).

So, our company provides it all; from concepts and idea suggestions, to measurement services, creative design, brand asset incorporation, file output, material selection and all the way to the final product: your custom vinyl window display.

Other than telling us your vision, delivering your existing brand files, and answering a few logistical questions, you won’t have to lift a finger! Our Toronto commercial print design services handle the ‘headaches’ for you.

This may be why so many brands across Canada trust us with their 3D graphic needs.

A good, professional storefront vinyl window designer will:

Never ask you to measure commercial windows yourself!

This is a ‘no-no.’ Measurements of windows need to accurately calculate where door handles, window frames, and other obstructions may be. Getting this wrong can ruin the entire effect. Don’t put this on your shoulders – go with a professional, vinyl decal installer.

When we see your storefront windows in person, we can also make suggestions on the types of materials we think will work for you. Or, we may bring up new design ideas, such as adding outdoor wall murals to blend with your windows.

Only use high-end, proven technologies for decal material

At our Toronto commercial design company, we only use authentic 3M and Avery decals. Not only that, we restrict installation to those who are certified to handle our materials (they’re not all the same!).

Use the right software for the job

Believe it or not, the industry we’re in uses special software to design for 3D surfaces (including windows, which have frames and handles, let’s not forget). We’ve invested in acquiring software that lets us do our job with accuracy.

Check for logistical details, and be available for written and verbal communication about your project

The sad truth is that bargain storefront window decals are made for fast delivery – not quality. While our service is not slow, it is also not rushed. We don’t just use long-lasting material for your vinyl displays. We also look at the intangible and logistical aspects that make your storefront window design long-lasting.

For example, in our process, we ask:

  • Will you love it forever? We want you to!
  • Are we on the same page about your marketing needs?
  • Is the window decal displaying information that is redundant, in the context of your store awning, interior messaging or otherwise?
  • Did we do a round of proofreading to catch typos?
  • Did we account for street visibility from certain distances?
  • Are we meeting legal requirements for your jurisdiction?
  • Are there children or pets who might pick at your decals, causing them to peel over time?
  • Do the colour codes of your brand assets match the print colour output?
  • Are the fonts and logos licensed for this type of advertising?
  • Will the chosen materials affect your room temperatures?
  • Will your environment’s moisture or temperature affect the longevity of the vinyl we’re using?

All these details, and more, must be accounted for when it comes to vinyl storefront displays.

There’s a lot more to our Toronto storefront window decals design and vinyl installation services…

Storefront window vinyl comes in many styles, materials, textures, opacities, colours and several other customizable options. Whether you want to attract attention to your pop-up store, your ‘under construction’ mall window, your hair salon, your daycare in a strip mall, your corporate office, your medical clinic, your restaurant or anything else – we’re able to help, per your specifications.

Really; we’ve been there, and done that. We’re rarely surprised by the requests we get these days.

We’ve helped clients re-imagine their outdoor space, and uplift their brand experience in so many ways, it’s hard to count.

And, due to our experience making custom vinyl wraps for all 3D surfaces, we have the knowledge to take you beyond your window advertising, if that’s where you want to go. We can match your store windows to your vehicle wraps, wall murals, elevator doors, desks, bikes, computers, and more.

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