Interior design knows no bounds with removable, custom wall murals in Toronto, Hamilton, Waterloo, Barrie and across Canada

When it comes to wall design, you could paint in one colour. You could also use pre-made wall paper. Those options are great for the ‘everyday’ look. But when you want to draw special attention to a feature wall, it’s got to make heads turn. That’s where we come in.

One way Ontario businesses can achieve a branded interior design, or even just a unique interior design, is with our custom wall mural applications in Toronto, Hamilton, Waterloo, Barrie or any other city in Canada.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: you could hire an artist to permanently paint your wall mural, and pay a ton to take it with you later, like a Banksy. But, there is another option: you can go modern, and let us put your artwork on a peelable, re-printable decal – sized for any space or dimension!

Our decals are not the kind you buy online or in craft stores. We install 3M or Avery vinyl film that only professionals can handle, after being trained to do so. These decals are fade and weather resistant, and last up to 10 years. But, they’re still removable, and changeable.

For leased retail or commercial space, our adhesive wall murals act like custom, removable wallpaper. They lower your overhead cost when it comes to decor, and they make it easy to move out, too. When you order a quality vinyl material to print them on, they don’t damage walls or surfaces they’ve been placed on.

Wall murals can contain photos, maps, graphics, words, logos, instructions, and more. They can stick to windows, drywall, brick, cement, wood, veneer, plastic and a plentitude of other surfaces.

There’s almost nothing we can’t do when it comes to interior wall murals. Below are a few ideas you may want to try. Or, contact us with your vision, and we’ll make it a reality!

Blow up photography as interior wall decals

If you have photographic artwork you want to enlarge, you can skip the canvas and the wall hanging. Instead, print it on a vinyl decal, and let it ‘shape’ your walls, doors, office dividers and more. In fact, it can even go on floors! We help with the measurements, file preparation, vinyl material selection, large-format printing, and installation.

Wall murals made of photography are great for museum exhibits. They can portray historical scenes as visitors ‘walk through time’ down hallways. They are also great for offices with few or little windows, where you can turn walls into faux views of the ocean, skylines, aerial landscapes and more.

Cheer up your office or workplace with a wall mural of illustrative art

Turn a boring wall into an inspiration, or a ‘feel good’ atmosphere, with illustrative artwork. We can turn your brand assets and messaging into a wall mural – one that is made-to-order for your interior space. We’ll do the graphic design, the measurements, the installation and even coordinate with your interior designer if you need us to.

Unlike photography scenes, illustrative artwork murals are drawn with computer programs (or by hand, then digitized later). They are pictorial representations of skylines, people, materials, objects and more. They can be representative of your culture or industry, or tell a story in ‘comic strip’ format. They can include cartoon characters or inspiring quotes. They can even be intentional graffiti, abstract art or watercolour paintings. Whatever it is, if you can imagine it, it can probably go on an indoor wall mural.

Custom art murals work well in creative offices, retail stores, schools, transit station tunnels, hospital hallways and more.

Add semi-transparent decals to interior window walls

What’s better than a window decal? A semi-transparent window decal! Think: frosted glass, etched glass or tinted, stained glass. Now, imagine the creative ways you can transform your interior windows and glass doors with high-end, modern vinyl.

You can add a silhouette skyline to your window wall, and it will look like the glass was custom-ordered that way (it makes for a very chique addition, we might add). You can go ‘traditional corporate’ and use frosted window vinyl to display your business name and room numbers in serif font. Or, you can use colour-tinted vinyl shapes for a pretty ‘glow’ when light reflects through your floor-to-ceiling windows. Hey, why not cut out some letters or a logo in that tinted film? It’ll be a new way to decal; the letters will be the transparent part of the window.

On the practical side, window wall murals and frosted vinyl film can add a layer of privacy to your business, without blocking light. Adding removable, frosted window segments is especially useful if your office is designed with too many transparent doors and walls.

Interior window decals are different than exterior ones. If you’re looking for a storefront vinyl window display, we’ve got your back. Check out that service here.

‘Know where you stand’ with custom map drawings as wall murals

Whether you have an old motorist’s map from the 1920s, or love the felt-pen, aerial map look that’s trending on Pinterest, we can turn map art into custom wall murals in Toronto. This works great for your interior office, retail space, museums, and more. Send us the map, we’ll digitize it, blow it up, and print it on the right material, in the right size, for your specific wall.

Maps add a personal ‘touch’ to a single feature wall, or a historic ‘feel’ to your ambiance. If you’re located in a historic building with renovation restrictions, a removable wall mural map can make the perfect backdrop, without affecting the surface beneath it. In fact, it may even protect it!

Add faux texture to an interior wall; bricks, wood, and other backdrops can be turned into custom wallpaper

If you’re looking for something simple, our high-quality vinyl wall decals can be used to create a faux brick wall, a faux wood wall and more. The catalog selection used by 3M and Avery offer nearly anything you can imagine – even shiny gloss finishes in silver, gold or another colour.

We can also make faux embossed doors with motif designs, or give your walls a wainscotting appearance (all in 2D, of course). This is a great solution for studio and film sets, pop up shops, temporary room dividers, indoor construction area coverings, and more. These wallpaper-style decals are long-lasting, so they withstand a good amount of wear and tear. But, they’re cost-effective enough to be removed easily, or changed frequently.

Our Toronto commercial wall graphics give you a ‘room with a view’ – let’s start with your idea today!

Whether you’ve got your own brand assets ready-to-go, or need us to create a concept from scratch, we can help! We’ve got expert graphic designers (trained to work with vinyl material), file proofers, printing equipment and 3M certified vinyl installers ready for your job.

We’ll come out to your location to do measurements in-person, to ensure we’re getting it right the first time. We’ll look for obstructions like vents, and check for subtle floor and ceiling dips to account for slanting. If your walls are an uneven or unusual shape, fear not: we’ve done this plenty of times to know what to expect, and how to get our professional decals to fit.

While we typically work for businesses and organizations, there’s no rule saying we can’t put a professional wall mural in your private home! So if you have an idea, we’d love to hear it!

We’re excited to decorate your interiors with custom wall murals! We serve the Greater Toronto Area, Greater Hamilton Area, Waterloo, Barrie and more!

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