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Our Vinyl Wrapping Services

Bank window wrap

Storefront Window Graphics

These storefront window decals can catch the attention of shoppers, and be changed as little or as often as you like, while being waterproof and fade-proof. They can also coincide with your promotional, store window designs and product displays. Say something, or show something – either way, we’ll help you impress the passerby!

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Custom Car Wraps

Style isn’t just for the runway, it’s for the roadway. Get noticed in seconds with a custom vinyl car wrap, designed by 3D print specialists. You’ll get an estimated 80 thousand impressions per month. We offer spot placement wraps, partial car wraps and full car wraps!

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vinyl wall decal

Wall Mural Designs & Applications

Professionally-designed wall mural graphics liven up an otherwise bland, but usable space. Tell stories, cover up old surfaces, or advertise with removable, vinyl wall murals. Our top-quality vinyl is nothing like wall decals found in craft stores. These wall wraps are professionally designed, printed and installed by the best in the business. They last almost a decade, even outdoors.

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elevator wraps

Graphic Elevator Wraps

We all go up and down sometimes!! Reinforce your indoor advertising with custom vinyl elevator wraps. Forget that awkward silence. Instead, have something for people to talk about, like the cool graphics on elevator doors that we’ll make for you! There’s no better way to open and shut your elevator doors, than with ads that slide in and out.

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Door Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl Door Wraps & Covers

Custom vinyl door wraps are a fun way to brighten up personal or office spaces. They also cover up a drab look. Get that Pinterest-ey, interior design feel. Or, brand your brick-and-mortar business where it’s least expected. We have multiple colors, shines, reflections and surface types to choose from.

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custom vinyl wraps

Vinyl Wrapping on Anything

Need something cool wrapped in vinyl? There’s almost nothing we can’t put graphics on; buildings, desks, helmets, snowboards, planes, and so much more. Our 3D design specialists have the software and expertise to give you a removable, but long-lasting decal, that’s cheaper than paint. Give us your idea, we’ll get on it!

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dance floor decals

Cement & Floor Decals

Watch your step! Use creative, short or long term advertising that people can really ‘trip’ over. Love the ground you walk on with our professional, custom floor decals. They work on rough and uneven surfaces, like cement or tiles, too. Try them for your museum exhibit, store promo or even your dance floor! They’ll last through the wear and tear.

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Custom 3D Lettering sign

Custom 3D Lettering & Signs

Create interesting visual effects with our 3D custom letters. Choose from different colors, materials and thicknesses to match your logo and brand. They go on walls inside and out. They make a great, classy alternative to walls and signs. Need them backlit? We can do that too, with our professional graphic installation services.

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Promotional Banner on wall

Promotional Banners & Displays

Hey you, over there! Colourful banners and displays are eye-catching and a good advertising tool. Think big and get noticed with our custom banner designs and display tools. Trade show exhibits, pop-up shops, mall booths, fairs, street signs, bus ads and many other areas can benefit from these professional graphic design and printing services.

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Commercial & 3D Graphic Design

At Graphic in Traffic, we don’t just provide the best vinyl wraps on the market; we provide professional graphic design services too. We specialize in commercial applications and 3D designs, to get businesses noticed ‘in real life.’ We’ve worked with top Canadian companies, and are ready to work on yours!

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Decorative Glass Finishes & Privacy Windows

Decorative glass finishes can be used to control light and privacy while enhancing interior commercial spaces. Choose from etch, frosted, and so many unique sandblasted patterns.

Custom Car Decals

Custom Decals & Stickers

Need a custom bumper sticker to give away at an upcoming event? What about custom decals for your laptop or wall? We have you covered. Show off your honour roll kid, say something meaningful, express your love for flower power – it’s all possible. We also do small-size car door decals, helmet decals and more. Plus, we ship for free across Canada

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Vinyl Car Wrapping Installation

Vinyl Wrapping Installation

Hiring a professional graphic installation team is key to bringing your project to life. Our certified 3M graphic installers are masters of their craft, avoiding bubbles, creases and any misalignment issues. Their techniques also avoid peeling or damage to surfaces. They also uninstall vinyl decals too!

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