Vinyl vehicle wrapping is a highly effective medium for advertising. Think about it, if your van or car is stuck in traffic on the freeway, people will see your brand and logo simply by default. And having your vehicle traveling across town or the country is a great way to maximize brand exposure for the price of a tank of gas…So if you’re thinking of getting vehicle wrap for your van or fleet of vehicles, check out these suggestions for the most effective vehicle wrap.

Keep It Simple

Less is more when it comes to vehicle wraps, so keep the details simple. If your van is whizzing along, you won’t get to read all the details on the side… But an eye-catching logo or web address with a simple slogan or phone number can have a lasting impact in the memory. A good graphic design service will be able to suggest the best ways to display the text, the font size and colours so discuss your options with them.

Keep It Legible

Do you use crazy graffiti fonts, or different sizes of text? Once again, keeping your message clear as well as simple is the best way to reach an audience and create a lasting impression. Big bold lettering on a simple colour background is best. Think about supermarket delivery trucks, or big haulier companies. They usually have their brand logo, a slogan, an eye catching graphic and a contact option (usually a web URL). Four super simple aspects that will register in the mind as that truck passes an office block or sits in traffic on the 401.

Remember: less is more!

Consistent Branding

Keeping the same font and colouring across your brand identity is a crucial aspect in brand recognition. If you see a Whole Foods delivery van, the font and colouring is the same as the website and you’ll know, almost without looking, that the van is carrying Whole Foods products. If you change your font and logo then be sure to change it across the board.

Attention Grabbing

With all these aspects in mind, you’ll also need to grab the attention of your target market. This will need to be with a simple and legible aspect such as a quality image or a catchy slogan. Once again this should also be consistent with your branding, so normally taking a big image from your website or current marketing campaign will be sufficient.

Consider your use of colour, what kind of image you want to associate with your company and whose attention you are trying to grab.


Considering all of these points, using a quality graphic design company to produce a simple and eye catching vehicle vinyl wrap is the best approach. They will take into consideration the type of vehicle (or vehicles) and optimize the visibility of your brand. Double check your design before it is applied to any vehicle (you can always see a digital mock up) to ensure it fits the brief before you go live.

Vinyl vehicle wrapping

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