Choosing the best graphic design services is important to all businesses. Getting your business seen is an art form in itself, but one that is made a lot easier if you have some great graphic design. Good logos, eye catching detail and brand consistent colouring and fonts. Think of Facebook, McDonalds or Coca Cola. OK, your business might not be at their dizzy heights just yet, but you can take a leaf out of their books and create a consistent brand that people will associate with the best quality service in your industry. To that end, you need to choose the best creative graphic design service, one that understands your needs. Here’s how to choose.


This should go without saying, but always check out your chosen graphic design service’s portfolio or gallery. You’ll get the idea of their style and be able to rest easy that they know their trade. Of course, a good graphic designer should be able to be adaptable and work with any style. If you don’t see anything in the portfolio that matches your expectations exactly, ask them. Graphic designers often have a big pool of designs that haven’t been uploaded to their gallery yet, or some that didn’t quite make it to the final stage and most will be happy to mock up a design for you.


A graphic designer’s portfolio should always be versatile, showcasing the best of their work in different industries. Sure they can do cartoon style logos, or use stock images but can they do a professional looking corporate logo? As above, you can always ask to see other examples of work if you need to double check.


A good creative graphic design service will listen to your needs and be able to make suggestions to maximize results. After all you don’t want any nasty shocks when the bill comes, so take time to go through the options. Are you designing a logo or do you need decals for vehicles or various shop fronts? Often working out the bigger picture can work in both your favours. It can also help to discuss with your graphic designer how they work, if there is a creative process that they use or a way that they offer the best value for money. You may also be able to help if you already have bought a specific font or image that is needed for your brand identity – so let them know this early on.

Be Clear

If you give them your brief, be clear about the end goal for your project. Who is your target market? Do you have a specific budget or a recurring requirement? Do you use a particular colour set or font that needs to be applied across all campaigns? If you get halfway through a project and realize that you need the font on your website and your vinyl banners to be the same then it can be costly to change.

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