One of the first questions people ask is “How much does a graphic wrap cost?” 

It all depends on the quality of material, square footage of material, complexity of wrap, design, layout, production and installation time.  The project always begins with the measurements to determine a price or an approximate price.  Once the price is established, then the design process can begin.  After the artwork proof is approved, the files are moved into production for printing.  The graphic prints are now ready to be installed.

Most high performance graphic wraps can last up to 10 years.  We recommend that customers switch their car wraps every five years and their window wraps every nine years.  The vinyls are more sophisticated, easier to install and lasting longer than ever.

Guideline cost for:

Vehicle wraps / Car Wraps:

Full Car Wrap: $2500 – $3500 (depending on the size of the vehicle and if bumpers are being wrapped).  Colour change wraps can range from $2500 – $4500.
Partial Wrap: $600 – $1900 (depending on the size of the vehicle and if bumpers are being wrapped).  Partial car wraps are designed for budget conscious customers.
Spot placement (logo and text mostly): $175 – $500.  Spot placement wraps are designed for low budget conscious customers and for customers who don’t want a lot of graphics on their car.

Window, storefront, and wall graphic wraps:

The price depends on square footage of material, type of high quality material, and installation.  Graphic design costs can be added as well.

Decals or Stickers

Minimum cost for decals or stickers for large format printing companies range from $25 to $75.

Qualified graphic designers who are experienced with large format printing should be considered.  A strong graphic designer will understand the final look of the wrap and ask questions before designing.  Questions such as, “Will the text be big enough to run through the door handles; will the audience view this wrap from far away; what should be on the wrap” and so on.  Branding is crucial when designing commercial wraps.  Business cards, websites, marketing materials and wraps should all align and display the same message.

The quality of print is also very important.  There should be no banding or colour fading on any graphics.  Installation is key to a beautiful and long lasting wrap.  Most experienced graphic installers have greater than 10 years experience.

The graphic wrap industry is very competitive so pricing will vary.  It’s important to look at the experience and quality of the work completed by the wrap company.  Feel free to ask any questions.  We love what we do and want customers to return.  Good luck with your wrap project.

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