Commercial & 3D Graphic Design

Here at Graphic in Traffic we understand the importance of creating effective graphics, which is why we work so closely with our commercial clients. From the initial design concepts through to printing and installation, you can rely on our team to provide a reliable and creative commercial & 3D graphic design service. 

We have been offering our expert design, printing, production, and installation services for more than 15 years and we are proud of our excellent reputation throughout Canada. As you can imagine,  we are committed to maintaining our excellent standards, which is why so many of our customers find our business through referrals from previous clients. 

If you would like to find out more about our commercial graphic design services, continue reading to find out the benefits we could offer your business.

A professional graphic design service

Our experienced team of graphic designers are committed to creating the best commercial visuals for your business, from simple logo design and branding through to 3D graphics and large format printing, you can rely on us. Our aim is to get to know your business and your ultimate goals for the future, so that we can create graphics which ensure your brand stands out from competitors whilst also connecting with your target customers. 

Put simply, we ensure that you are able to get your message across clearly, in a way which grows your business. We understand the importance of providing real value to our clients, so we offer a full range of graphic design services. Whether you are looking for a compete rebrand service with a new logo and company brochure or large format printing for a specific project, our flexible graphic design service guarantees to provide the creativity you need.

Our creative team have an excellent level of graphic design, printing, and marketing knowledge, so we can assist with every aspect of your visual communications. From initial branding concepts to large scale printing of a new product, we can assist at every stage of your business development. Our designers will take your idea from an initial concept through to final printing and delivery, thanks to our own in-house printing solution. As a full-service provider, there is no chance of anything being lost in translation and we are always on hand to assist at every stage of the design and production.

A variety of commercial & 3D graphic design solutions

Why say it with words when you can say it with creative graphics? When it comes to marketing, we believe in the power of effective visual communications, after all, they say a picture says a thousand words. We passionately believe in the benefits of excellent graphics, and the following are just a few examples of the commercial graphic design services we offer:

  • Branding and logo design – Your branding is the first thing potential customers will notice about your business, with logos specifically often creating the first impression. It is important to invest in a professional logo and branding service, as it will have an impact on many of your designs going forward, from business cards and letterheads to invoices, adverts, and your website. Our team of designers will take the time to research your market and your business, so that we can create a well thought out yet visually pleasing brand.
  • Brochure, leaflet, and flyer design – There are many forms of printed marketing literature which can be beneficial to your business, from long detailed brochures to short flyers which are literally designed to sell. We understand how important it is to create printed marketing materials which provide your team with the physical tools they need. Our skilled team of graphic designers will create clear and concise brochures, leaflets, and flyers, which combine effective marketing visuals with content that is tailored to your target customers requirements.
  • Business stationery – We offer a one-stop-shop for all your business stationery design and print needs. Professional business cards, letterheads, invoices, and company branded stationery will take your branding to the next level and create a professional first impression. Our designers will create high-quality designs which effectively raise brand awareness, while our printing team will ensure the best quality is achieved for a premium yet cost-effective service.
  • Large format printing – If you want to stand out from the crowd, it is important to invest in effective visual campaigns. Our large format graphic and printing service will provide your business with eye-catching design which advertise your business in the best way possible. We can design and print everything from roll-up banners and large posters to outdoor signs and billboard displays.
  • 3D graphic design – Our skilled team can create unique shapes, colourful graphics, effective typography, and eye-catching 3D designs, which guarantee to get your business noticed. Our 3D design service will help you market your product or service, educate your customers, and increase sales. Whether you are looking for vibrant 3D graphics or animations, our team will create effective solutions which help your business grow.

The above examples are just some of the common types of graphic design projects we complete, but they are by no means a full picture of everything we offer here at Graphic in Traffic. Whatever your graphic design and printing requirements, we can tailor our flexible service to suit the specific requirements of your business.

Commercial graphic design throughout Hamilton, Ontario

Throughout Hamilton, Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington, Graphic in Traffic has an excellent reputation for providing the best printing services available in Ontario, Canada. Whatever you require, we promise to offer supreme print quality, quick turnarounds, and professional advice to suit your budget.

We have worked with many of the leading Canadian companies, and we are excited to discuss your project with you. Although we have worked with some of the largest Canadian companies, we are also proud to work with smaller business ventures. We take pride in aiding each of our clients with their business growth, and we always provide the attention to detail and quality service your business deserves.

Whether you are located nearby in Hamilton or elsewhere in Ontario, please contact our team and we can have an informal chat about your requirements.

How to Choose the Best Graphic Design Services

Getting your business seen is an artform in itself, but one that is made a lot easier if you have some great graphic design. Good logos, eye catching detail and brand consistent coloring and fonts. Think of Facebook, MacDonalds or Coca Cola. OK, your business might not be at their levels yet but you can take a leaf out of their books and create a consistent brand that people will (hopefully) associate with the quality service in your industry.

To that end, you need to choose the best creative graphic design service, one that understands your needs. Here’s how to choose.


This should go without saying, but always check out your chosen graphic design service’s portfolio or gallery. You’ll get the idea of their style and be able to rest easy that they know their trade.

Of course, a good graphic designer should be able to be adaptable and work with any style. If you don’t see anything in the portfolio that matches your expectations exactly, ask them. Graphic designers often have a big pool of designs that haven’t been uploaded to their gallery yet, or perhaps that didn’t make the grade.


A graphic designers portfolio should always be versatile, showcasing the best of their work in different industries. Sure they can do cartoon style logos, or use stock images but can they do a professional looking corporate logo? As above, you can always ask to see other examples of work if you need to double check.

A good creative graphic design service will listen to your needs and be able to make suggestions to maximize results. After all you don’t want any nasty shocks when the bill comes, so take time to go through the options. Are you designing a logo or do you need decals for vehicles or various shop fronts? Often working out the bigger picture can work in both your favors.

It can also help to discuss with your graphic designer how they work, if there is a creative process that they use or a way that they offer the best value for money. You may also be able to help if you already have bought a specific font or image that is needed for your brand identity – so let them know this early on.

Be Clear

If you give them your brief, be clear about the end goal for your project. Who is your target market? Do you have a specific budget or a recurring requirement? Do you use a particular color set or font that needs to be applied across all campaigns?

If you get halfway through a project and realise that you need your website font and your vinyl banners to be the same then it can be costly to change.

Professional Graphic Design Services

For many small business owners, creating a design is the most difficult part. We take that burden off of you.

At Graphic in Traffic, we don’t just provide the materials; we provide professional graphic design services to get your business noticed. If you have a high quality wrap, you need a high quality design as well.

An eye-catching design needs a good colour scheme, succinct text, and imagery that represents your business. We can work with you to design graphics that best suit your business and the message you want to present to your customers. We know how to design graphics that will work well with various wraps and materials to make your business stand out!

We have over ten years of experience of professional graphic design services. We are trusted by large corporations and small businesses alike to create eye-catching graphic designs to use on our various materials. Graphic in Traffic works with you to help brand your business and create the best message for your customers.

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