Decorative Glass Finishes & Privacy Windows

Decorative glass finishes and privacy window film offer a sleek and modern alternative to blinds and curtains. Our experienced team can create films which provide privacy and light control, whilst also enhancing the internal and external finish of your business. With films available in etched, frosted, and unique sandblasted patterns, we can create unique designs to suit your brand.

Whether you are a small bank or credit union, a large hospitality business such as a hotel or restaurant, or a business looking to add privacy to a boardroom or event space, we can help.

The benefits of privacy window film

Updating your windows has never been easier with our decorative glass and window privacy film service. Instead of opting for time-consuming and often expensive privacy glass, curtains, or blinds, we can provide versatile privacy film for windows which obscures the view, at a very competitive price. 

Not only are decorative window films a stylish choice for your Ontario based business, but they are also highly functional. Our privacy films are a versatile solution that allows your business to hide its interior from preying eyes, whilst also allowing you to experiment with different style options.

There is no need to block the light with thick curtains and blinds, as our privacy films will allow natural light to flood your commercial space. A light and bright space creates an ideal environment for your employees and customers alike, with the privacy they need provided by our professional, high-quality film.

As a leading decorative and window privacy film supplier in Ontario, you can rest assured that wherever you are located we will provide the finest quality films, with our professional installation service.

Examples of decorative privacy films

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our professional privacy window film is available in a variety of finishes to suit your exact requirements. We can create bespoke decorative designs which offer the perfect balance of functionality and style, allowing your business to enhance its privacy in a simple way.

The sheer variety of potential window privacy film options have led to this method becoming one of the popular choices for those who are looking to block views and provide privacy. The following are popular examples of privacy films, used by everything from banks and credit unions to hospitality and events businesses:

  • Frosting film – Our privacy film can be supplied within a frosted finish, which provides a minimalist finish that does not detract from the interior or exterior décor. For added safety within public buildings and offices, our safety film is a great choice. It is made of thicker film, so that if the glass is broken it will not shatter into the interior of the building. This is a simple and versatile style of window privacy film, and it is a popular choice for businesses of every size across Ontario.
  • One way privacy film – This is an ideal solution for businesses which require a high level of privacy, with the one-way finish allowing those on the inside to see outside. The mirror like finish will offer a sophisticated style to your exterior, whilst still enabling you to see out as if it were a clear window. The mirrored finish also offers glare, heat and solar control thanks to the metallised film used.
  • Decorative glass films –  Whether you are looking to add detail which is in keeping with the style of your building, a business logo or a simple pattern, decorative glass films will add an interesting feature to windows and doors. Privacy films can add a focal point to your windows and doors, without compromising on your privacy and security.
  • Partial privacy films – This is a great option for boardrooms and offices, which simply require privacy film to cover part of the window. Those inside will still be able to see above the film, which is great for those looking to let as much light as possible into the room.
  • Complete blackout window privacy film – There are many uses for complete blackout window privacy film, such as toilets, bathrooms and even darkrooms. It is possible to choose from a range of finishes and colours, including black and white privacy film. Our blackout films are made using the highest quality materials, so that you can trust the obscure finish for both short- and long-term use.

A simple solution for window privacy and décor

Our privacy window film is a low-cost solution, which is easy to clean, quick to install and simple to change. Our experienced graphic designers can create privacy films which are completely customizable, allowing you to create a versatile design to suit your current branding style. Our team will work with you to create the perfect privacy films, resulting in a high-quality result that lasts for many years to come.

Instead of trying to install your own privacy film, we offer a complete service, and our highly trained team will install your new window film quickly and with minimal interruption to your business. We understand that every business will have different requirements, so we can advise which materials are best for your privacy requirements.

For example, if you are looking for a short-term solution, we will recommend static cling window film that can be easily removed whenever needed. However, for more long-term solutions our professional grade window privacy films will be ideal.

A decorative window film service throughout Ontario, Canada

In addition to our decorative glass finishes and privacy window films, we offer a full variety of vinyl wrap services throughout Ontario, Canada. Whether you are looking for a vinyl car wrap service, storefront graphics, wall murals or signage, our professional service is available throughout Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and the surrounding areas. 

We pride ourselves on offering our customers throughout Ontario an excellent service, from the initial design concepts through to the installation. We can even engage with building contractors, architects, and interior designers to ensure successful completion of your renovation projects. To discuss your project in more detail, please contact our friendly team today.

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