Car Wrap Advertising is a great way to reach new customers?

Car wrap advertising is a powerful and cost effective way to generate millions of impression each year.  What better way to advertise than a moving billboard.  Graphic In Traffic is passionate about bringing your car wrap advertising to life.  The sky is the limit in regards to design.  Our car wrap graphic designers are trained to design and create on a car wrap surface.  3D designs are one of the hardest elements to design on.  Trained graphic designers think backwards before getting involved in the creative process.   They ask the questions; how will the rear match the sides or will the text be readable in that area of the car wrap.  These are just a few examples of what is involved in the car wrap creative process of a full or partial car wrap.  3M preferred installers are brought into the mix before the car wrap advertisement is completed.  Qualified graphic installers recommend the best outcome of the wrap advertisement.  Between the trained graphic designer, pre-press employee (a member of the team who prepares the files for print with appropriate bleed and/or cut files), printing technologies and preferred graphic installers we ensure that we bring your moving billboard to life with quality and high standards.

Choose your first class wrap. That’s right, you have lots of options.  What are these options?

  1. Full car wrap
  2. Partial car wrap
  3. Spot placement car wrap
  4. Car magnets
  5. Car decals
  6. Matte vinyl decals or gloss vinyl decals from 3M

Car graphics are not just for cars. It also includes motorcycles, trailers, trucks, boats, mini-cars, etc.,  Bike couriers or cargo tricycles are increasing in popularity and a quick way to deliver goods and services in the city.  These are the types of moving billboards that catch the audience’s attention.

See some cool car wrap advertising: